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Today is Tuesday, April 28, 2015 @ 06:17 PM (GMT+8)

PTA on social network sites and other things added.

Private Tux Area is now live and onboard on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, implemented two months ago. There are new contents but few currently posted here; I will now posted some more latest maps, mods, site updates, and anything related to Unreal to these three sites. Probably aiming for the people who enjoying playing the long-time series since 1999. Truth to be told. These social networking sites are bothered enough for me somehow TBH but just to make sure that these are bringing out some future. Anything new to be posted on FB, Twitter, or G+ are appreciated! I hope the community is still alive though.

The UT99/UT3 voice packs page has a new style.

Despite gaining addiction to UT2004, off-topics, and study, I'm now recolonizing the UT99/UT3 voice packs page back and it has the spacious layout! (But the directory has been changed so click here to visit.) I made some advantages with jQuery and dynamic content to make easy navigate. The page will also have updates too but I think few contents would posted here. Turns out that I haven't release any latest voice packs for either UT99 or UT3 yet when I supposedly abandoning the page more often (maybe not, back in business). Hope will find out soon! I promise!

Short Map Reviews page more updated!

Finally redone with my short map reviews page in just one and a half weeks of working with slightly improvements and changes (whew, having a full blast here!); now with the original map release dates, viewing tons of maps one by one, comments, left navigation bar, map sorter and updating (adding and removing) links on downloads and discussion (including my two additional hosting accounts: Google Drive and MEGA). There are plenty of old/new UT2004 and UT3 maps to be reviewed and adding few widgets likely soon. If you encounter mistakes and dead links on one of the following maps, comment to this page or contact me and let me know.

Site redesigned! (June 05-27, 2013) - jQuery now assigned.

I have finally reworked and updated this site last week because the jQuery is finally added to my site now with some simple jQuery components I need and recent changes also. I have very long time to improved this site that is because two, three or four updates have been occured since there are no updates on this site (sorry folks for taking so long).

Ariel Winter voice pack for UT2004 released!

Aside from the update, I've recently added the Ariel Winter voice pack for UT2004 under the Actresses category. I made a split of the VP page into four categories (removing a short description), and also creating a list of UT2004 voice packs to make an easy pick in which one of the VPs is your favorite, just like a sitemap.

As of late May 2013, the VP main page is only for UT2004 which is retitled "UT2004 Voice Packs", but the UT99 and UT3 editions of VPs are also here on the next door directory. I believe that I'm either no longer or continue making UT99 and UT3 voice packs eventually due to lazy focus on the new UT2004 voices rather than UT99 and UT3. However, some of the following voices are not in the final treatment though; that's because I don't want to ended up making VPs for UT99/UT3, but I'll be coming back for them sometimes.

PS: I'm changing the download counters on files by combining half the total downloads of my voice packs came from external sources, and this site too. I swear! This site is on the tracks.